About the Irish American Post


The Irish American Post was founded in 1991 as a weekly periodical. It remains one of the premier voices and thought leaders for Irish-Americans and Irish in the diaspora.

In Memoriam: Martin Hintz - Founder and Honorary Editor Ad Infinitum

Publisher/Editor: Stephen Hintz

Staff Writers: Granuaile O'Malley, Dimaya Hintz, Nylah Topp, and Maeve Hintz

Book Editor: Martin Russell

Poetry Editor: Elliot O. Lipchik

Film: Stephen Hintz, James Bartlett

Health Columnist: Dr. Bob Gleeson www.drbobgleeson.com

Fashion Editor: Phoebe Hintz

Sports Editor: Ollie Burns

Web Designer: Rob Padgett / www.PeachtreeCityWebsites.com

Chicago Bureau: George Houde (Glhoude@aol.com)

West Coast Bureau: James Bartlett

Honorary Publisher/Executive Editor: Martin Hintz