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Winter 2020 / VOL. 19 ISSUE 1


Irish Books

Billy Caldwell


By: George Houde

His name is prominently stitched in places on the northwest side of Chicago.Who was Billy Caldwell and why was he famous? Where did Sauganash come from?

By: James Bartlett


In recent years, Glynn Martin and his co-author and friend James Ellroy have celebrated a couple of successful books. Riding high on the interest in true crime, the 2015 book LAPD ’53 and last year’s Satan’s Summer in the City of Angels: The Social Impact of the Night Stalker were both big hits. 

Irish Movies

Irish Movie News Winter 2020


By: James Bartlett

Oscar Night Results Shake Out Mixed Bag of Winners.

Irish Music

Los Angeles' O'Connell

Gets Jazzed Over Music

By: James Bartlett

Vibrant L.A. Jazz Scene Snares Gaelic Journalist’s Attention.

Irish Cultural and Heritage Center

Winter 2020 Music News

By: Martin Hintz

Two wonderful bands come to Milwaukee.

Music World Mourns the Loss

of Irish Fest Founder Ed Ward

Special to The Irish American Post, Courtesy of the Ward Family

Surrounded by his family, Edward James Ward, 74, died peacefully at his home on Sunday, Oct, 13, 2019, after a long battle with cancer.

McCoy Keeps on Movin' Between

Pools, Bikes, and Surfing

By: James Bartlett

Hollywood uses tons of fake snow – you’ll have seen plenty of it in the countless Christmas movies recently – but in California, occasional water rationing in hot weather throws a spotlight on another special effect: year-round green grass.


Belfastian McCullough Paints On the Edge

By: James Bartlett

Belfastian McCullough Paints On the Edge

Bards Gather at Irish Fest Lakefront

for Fun and Verse

By: Elliot O. Lipchik 

Milwaukee Irish Fest Poetry Editor

Every summer, crowds gather at the Milwaukee lakefront for the much-anticipated Irish Fest.

Louie Ryan Loves Costa Rica, Coffee

and His California Speakeasy

By: James Bartlett

Ryan continues his on his fun filled journey.

Painter Walsh Tackles the Abstract

By: Martin Hintz

Milwaukee painter Shane Walsh is fuzzy about many of the details of his Gaelic heritage, but that doesn’t have any bearing on his explosively colorful artwork. 

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